Беленький Марьян (belenky) wrote,
Беленький Марьян

In the Chernigov youth theatre hosted premieres of a musical show after the play by a famous humourist and playwright, winner of the Israeli State Prize Efraim Kishon "Heigh, Juliet!" The translation into Russian was done by a writer, translator, journalist, winner of the "Maariv" newspaper prize for repatriates writing in Hebrew Marjan Belenkiy.

Its producer - theatre's art director, Honoured Artist of Ukraine Gennady Kasianov told about the play's author and translator. "The spectators were in exultation", - says the producer, - we, on our part, did our best. The success exceeded all our expectations. During the after-performance day the phone line was constantly engaged - spectators would thank for a wise play underlining the specific language of the characters. Our performers, I hope, felt an implied in the text subtle irony. The play and performance evoke most diverse feelings ranging from material's complete acceptance to the efforts to defend one's romantic illusions".

The play's plot is continuation of Romeo and Juliet's story past 30 years. Former "revived" lovers grew old and pretty bored with each other. They are continually quarreling and egging on each other. They have a daughter who falls in love with a revived on such occasion William Shakespeare and runs with him away from her home...

The spectacle of Chernigov theatre is the first production of a Kishon's play in Russian.

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